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Paintings of books, valuable ceramics and scholar's accouterments. Some of area has damaged.

책·책갑·병·화병·화로·경대·석류·회중시계·벼루·붓·붓통 등을 그림. 그림 일부는 훼손된 곳 있음.

Paintings of ten items symbolizing longivity. Rocks are placed around the edge of the painting and the big pine tree is painted in the center. The mushroom of eternity, crane, bamboo, cloud and sun is in the painting.

장수를 상징하는 십장생을 그린 그림.…

This painting is part of eight folding screen. The painting depicts egg plant and butterflies along with bees and other insects harmoniously though out the space.

이 작품은 여덟 폭 병풍의 초충도 중 하나이다. 가지와 나비, 벌 및 개미와 여치의 표현에서 섬세한 필선, 선명한 색채, 안정된 구도 등을 보이는…

This painting is one of eight folded painting Shin Saimdang painted. Watermelon, rat and butterflies create stable composition in the painting and detaisl of object well-depicted by artist.

이 작품은 여덟 폭 병풍의 초충도 중 하나이다. 수박 및 생쥐와 나비 등의 표현에서 섬세한 필선,…

This eight panel paintings shows combination of Hwajodo and Munjado. Top parts are flowers and birds painting and bottom parts are eight Chinese characters of Confucius virtues.

화조(花鳥)와 문자(文字)를 함께 그려 놓은 그림. 지본채색(紙本彩色). 8폭 병풍(세로 170.7, 가로 356).…

10-fold flower and bird screen, depicting pairs of birds amongst flowers including cranes and plum blossom and ducks and lotus flowers, Korean, late 19th century.

Paintings of auspicious symbols were popular in the late Joseon period among all classes of society. This scroll represents a combination of two established themes in Korean painting: birds and flowers and the ten symbols of longevity—sun, mountain,…

Painting depicts tiger, magpie, pine tree and sun.

호랑이와 까치를 주요 소재로 그린 그림. 벽사의 주술적 의미를 담고 있음. 지본채색. 족자(세로 120, 가로 98)로 상단에 줄이 달림. 양 가장자리에 붉은색 종이를 붙임. 호랑이를 중심으로 소나무·해·까치가 그려짐. 호랑이는 정면을 바라보고, 뒷다리를 들고 있음. 호랑이의 몸은 점무늬이고, 눈은 노란색임. 주로 먹으로 표현되고…

Mounted on each side of this screen are unrelated paintings: on one side is a set of the eight Confucian virtues, and on the other a Mongolian hunting scene. Pictorial Ideographs (Munjado) of the Eight Confucian Virtues In pictorial ideographs,…

Paintings of flowers and birds from late 19th-early 20th century by unknown Korean artist.
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