Image above: Chaekgado
Anonymous, late 18th or early 19th century
Eight-panel screen
Ink and color on paper, 112 x 381 cm (overall)
Private Collection
© 2017 by Dahal Media, Seoul, Korea

Welcome to our digital exhibition. Our mission is to preserve a valuable cultural and artistic resource by building and organizing an accessible online database of images and their available information.

Most Korean folk art paintings (Minhwa) are done by anonymous artists, and no professional digital archiving of them has been done yet. Due to Japan's invasion of Korea, many of the works were exported overseas and details of ownership were lost, leaving many works unlabeled with pertinent information scattered amongst countries. The goal of the collecting and archiving Korean Folk art is to preserve and share these culturally significant paintings and the information that is available on them.

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Paintings of books, valuable ceramics and scholar's accouterments. Some of area has damaged.

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